Welcome to Honey Butter Bakes Blog. Here you will find the recipes to delicious baked goods; cakes, cookies, bars, brownies and more! I adore baking, and have always loved reading baking blogs for inspiration. I have always wanted to produce a blog of my own, but never had the courage to put myself out on the internet! During the winter break of 2011, I started this thing!

This blog is a work in progress, and I will try to keep improving it. The recipes I post are a mix of those from foodie bloggers whom I admire, recipes in which I adapt to suit my liking, or others that are pure creations of my own.

Obviously I love to bake, but I also enjoy skiing, running, traveling, and hanging out with brilliant, enthusiastic, beautiful people. I am currently in my second year at UBC in biology, and love living in Vancouver. I find that during the stressful times, the best way to relax is to exercise or bake.

Thanks for visiting my blog and happy baking!

Hannah xx

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