It is finally here!!

29 Feb

My one true love appeared on my doorstep this afternoon.  If such things could occur between humans and objects, I’m sure it would be my soul-mate. Behold, the one and only, the riveting, Joy the Baker Cookbook!

What a Goddess

This book is magical. It contains so much sugar, butter, and love! I feel like I have peeked into Joy’s soul and discovered her incredible love and devotion to food, something I’m sure that many other foodies like yourself can understand. Joy expresses how she can feel certain emotions from specific dishes, and gushes how a wonderful meal can set the perfect atmosphere. Basically, the girl gets it. She lives for food like many of us, making her book that much more special and closer to the heart.

I am very excited to start baking from this book, as I am sitting here, drooling over the recipes. You’re in luck because I will be sharing the results with you!

Happy baking!



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